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High Quality Baja Hoodies

best baja hoodie high quality baja hoodie

Looking for a high quality baja hoodie? No that is not an oxymoron, although you would be hard pressed to find a decent quality drug rug at your local gas station or on Amazon. If you want an itchy and oddly sized mexican hoodie then Amazon is the place for you, they are the lowest quality you can find coming out of Mexico.

high quality baja hoodies

Here at Mexican Threads we pride ourselves on having the highest quality baja hoodies on the market. We only use the best material and have consistent sizing which is very uncommon in the world of baja hoodies. We manufacture the best baja hoodies using recycled yarns to make sure they stay in line with the Hippie nature of their origin.

high quality baja hoodie

The cheap baja hoodies are itchy and not warm, while our bajas are very soft and actually quite warm. There is a reason Mexican Threads has been the best baja hoodie brand for over a decade.

Is it Okay to wear a drug rug?

Yes, it is okay do wear a drug rug, they have come a long way since the 70's. We design colors to suit all walks of life.

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