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Our Story

Our Story

Our vision for our company started after encountering many cheaply made and oddly fitting baja hoodies. What started in 2006 as a desire to have a comfortable baja hoodie turned into a passion for creating eco friendly hoodies that were more colorful and stylish than a baja hoodie had ever been.

We worked tirelessly to get the sizing just right for unisex designed bajas. The comfort of the hoodies is something that we are very proud of. We came up with a way to keep the hoodie warm for winter months but also thin enough to wear on a cool fall/spring night. Our blend of mexthread yarn keeps the hoodie at the perfect comfort level. We then had the interior of the hoodie brushed to add extra comfort.

Our passion to create new unique colors has been 1 of the factors that keeps us at the top of the industry. We are the standard by which other companies are compared in the baja hoodie industry.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back. That is why 10% off all profits go to charitable organizations that reach people across the world. Our favorite charities go to providing clean water to people in need.

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