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How to Wash Your Baja Hoodie

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How To Easily Wash Your Baja Hoodie

how to wash a baja hoodie

Baja hoodies are made from a Drug Rug fabric known as a Jerga, which is a material that is made from recycled fibers. Mexican Blanket can be cold hand washed separately, it can also be machine washed and chucked into the dryer.

So how to wash a Baja hoodie?

How to Wash a Baja Hoodie:

  How you can ensure the quality of your favorite Baja Hoodie is, by cleaning it in a washing machine on a cold delicate cycle. Post wash sweater care can include drying the rug in a dryer or ‘dry flat’. The dry flat is a drying process where one lays the Baja Hoodie on a clean and dry towel and gently rolls the hoodie in the towel to extract the water from it; ergo drying it. After this process, you can lay your Mexican pullover sweatshirt on a mesh rack to finish it fully drying. Something you must be aware of while machine washing your drugrugs is to note what fabric material it is, ensure the water is cold and if you choose to not dry flat then you can  tumble dry.

how to wash a drug rug hoodie


Hand washing:

The best way to make certain that the quality and color of your Mexican baja stays the same is by washing the hoodie by hand. Hand washing would be less harsh on the fabric. Hand Washing at home will target the stains directly and be able to gently as compared to a machine wash. This method is the best one, in order to promote the lifespan and durability of not only your drugrugs but any clothing article at all. The drying process would be the same as the machine wash. Whereby you can Dry flat or air dry your Baja Hoodie. Simply make sure to wash the hoodie in a cold and cool delicate gentle cycle or washing tub if hand washing, and lay it out flat to dry or hang it. Choosing between having to lay your hoodie to dry or hanging them is also a task. Different types of fabrics have different suggested ways of drying. We will talk about this in the article below!

how to wash a baja hoodie

 Baja Blanket Material

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A regular Baja sweater can be washed either way. Figuring out the quality of your hoodie and washing it accordingly will increase its longevity and safeguard the quality. Hoodies made from an Acrylic fabric material can be washed both ways. Use a cold water cycle and lay the hood out to dry.

Cotton hoodies on another hand are one that can tackle both, a machine wash or hand wash. But make sure that you wash it with garments of similar colors. You can also dry flat or hang this hoodie, but if a little shrinkage doesn't bother you, tumble dry would be perfect!

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Mexican Threads Baja hoodies can be washed by 2 methods. As long as it’s on a cold cycle and laid flat to dry as well. But make sure you do not hand the hoodie to dry, as the weight of the yarn of this  fabric could hold the sweaters shape down.  And lose its shape if hung up wet. Hence, lay it out to dry or use the Dry Flat method.

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Drug rugs made from fleece material: It would be fitting to wash it in a machine or by hand. Wash it with similar colors and lay flat to dry.

The fabric Wool is a  heavy material and stretches quite easily , which is why we would recommend you to wash it by hand with similar colors. Give it a delicate hand wash, keeping it submerged and soaked in the water for at least 10 minutes. After this, rinsing it out will prove to be the most effective and quality retaining method to wash this hoodie.

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