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What is a Stoner Sweater Called?

hemp drug rug stoner sweater wool baja hoodie

Many people searching for stoner sweaters just don't know what they are actually called. Some call them a drug rug or stoner hoodie but the name you are looking for is a baja hoodie.

Here are some commonly asked questions about bajas:

Are Baja Hoodies Itchy?

  • Yes, most of the cheap ones are itchy. But the ones sold here Mexican Threads are high quality deluxe versions and super soft without any of the itch.

Can I put my baja hoodie in the dryer?

  • Yes you can because they are made of preshrunk recycled fabrics. Just do low heat.

What is a Mexican hoodie called in Spanish?

  • They are sudaderas de jerga or chamarras de gavan.

When were baja hoodies popular?

  • Well, they made a good showing in the 80's but the 90's were big for them. They have been popular ever since.

Do baja hoodies get softer?

  • They actually do get softer with each wash.

They might be called a carpet sweater but don't worry, they are soft.

Wool baja hoodies are hard to come by because wool is so expensive and warm. So if you are looking for a wool drug rug, you will not be seeing one anytime soon by any company. They are mostly thin baja hoodies now and they are not made of hemp.





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