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Most Expensive Baja Hoodies Ever Made

expensive baja hoodie

It blew our minds when we saw a company charging $700+ dollars for a cashmere baja hoodie back in 2011.

Now there is another company named Alanui charging $1,520 for a wool baja hoodie pullover, but don't worry it's on sale for only $760. That is some serious money for a drug rug.

Michael Gabriel is charging $1,365 but it's only $819 right now... what a steal!

michael gabriel baja hoodie

We pride ourselves in designing the coolest colors of baja hoodies the world has ever seen but we will never be charging close to thousand dollars for a Mexican hoodie. Vogue can keep there insanely priced bajas and we will continue making colors that everyone else envies.

expensive pullover sweater knit baja hoodie



Another amazing color is the Faraway tula knit hoodie cream

Faraway tula knit baja hoodie cream


That said, we are in the works of creating a cashmere and a loose knit tula baja hoodie that will run a little more than our current ones that range $40-$60.

tula knit baja hoodie pullover

Remember the SNL skit with Pete Davidson wearing a wide stripped rainbow colored baja hoodie? That was another drug rug over $1,000 by Amiri.

amiri wide stripe baja hoodie rainbow pete davidson


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